Build it out locally or move to the Cloud.

How can the Artisan help your business?

Build it in the cloud... Which cloud?

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This is a major decision. Make it smart!

Listen to the pitches, but keep a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be.

What do you have today? In-house developers? Java or ASP? Cloud providers are becoming more democratic. Microsoft has embraced Open Source. Some would say they're co-opting it to their benefit, or maybe yours.

What do you want from cloud services, and what tools do you want to use to get it? This is the question that will drive your selection. Do you have in-house developers? Do you have a strong relationship with a developer partner? Let’s talk about these questions and start your cloud journey with the best partner.

On prem! You still have local systems, what about them?

Streamline your legacy systems...

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Unless you’re a recent start up, you have legacy systems in your own datacenters or colos. These are going to be around for a while, maybe a long while. You need to manage these systems and update them with new technology to keep them viable.

Let’s talk about how to optimize and automate management of these systems and integrate them with your cloud-based systems.