Management Consulting

Things are moving so fast!

How can the Artisan help your business?

Digital Transformation

Whoa, there's a big buzz word!

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Yes, We're talking about redefining almost everything. But we’ve always rebuilt systems from the day they were deployed. The difference now is the rate of change required to keep up, much less get ahead. We can’t keep spending 75% of our resources keeping the lights on.

Digital Transformation includes cloud-based elements, but the hardest work is in-house planning. Let’s talk about your main challenges, what the industry is doing, and create the roadmap to get you into the fast lane.

Disaster Recovery

Or Contingency Planning, Business Continuity, etc...

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In the "old days", ten years ago, Disaster recovery was about buying standby resources from dedicated DR providers, and hoping the resources were actually available when you declared your disaster.

Today DR plans involve cloud-based resources. That, of course, raises the question of your cloud strategy in general. You do have one, right?

You could use the cloud exlusively for DR, but if you're going to set it up for DR, isn't there something that should be running there every day?

The Artisan can help you walk through this process. DR has always had an impact on regular business practices. Today is no different, but the DR resource doesn't have to be completely cold and only a recovery expense.