Available Scripts

Name Version Type Description
Check-Repl.ps1 1.5 Active Directory Uses PS cmdlets to surface AD replication errors. Details
ListOuContent.ps1 1.1 Active Directory Lists items of specific type for specified Ous Details
ExportScheduledTasks.ps1 1.1 Computer Management Export selected task information to XML files Details
FindService.ps1 1.1 Computer Management Find instances of target service on target computers Details
GetExServices.ps1 1.0 Computer Management List Exchange services and state on all Exchange Servers. Details
RegistryUpdate.ps1 1.0 Computer Management Local/remote registry operations using .Net calls. Details
StartAutoSvc.ps1 1.1 Computer Management Enumerate automatic services and, optionally, start them if not running. Details
TimeSource.ps1 1.0.20190501 Computer Management Checks time server config and VM computer's time source. Details
UpdateStatus.ps1 1.0 Computer Management Checks on and reports Windows Update status. Details
FileClean.ps1 2.0.20190401 File Management Moves or deletes files based on parameters Details
PublishToWeb.ps1 1.0 File Management Gather scripts to single folder. Calculate hash and create hash file in same folder. Details
PublishZipToWeb.ps1 1.0 File Management Collects script and ReadMe into ZIP file and copies to destination folder for web publishing. Details
UE.ps1 26.1 File Management UE App Details
WinSnap.ps1 5.1.3 File Management Details
ZipCreate.ps1 1.0 File Management Create ZIP archive from one/multiple source folders Details
Get-WebServerInfo.ps1 1.0.20190625 Network Display web server header information. Details
PsBase.ps1 2.1.20180720 PS Modules Starter template for new scripts Details
PSLibrary.ps1 1.1 PS Modules Module - early utility functions, used as dot source include file. Details
PSLibrary1.psm 2.2.20160718 PS Modules Module - utility functions module for middle aged scripts. Details
PSLibrary2.psm1 1.3.20190520 PS Modules Module - utility functions module for newer scripts Details
MdbAccess.ps1 1.0.20190520 Scripting Sample Highlights use of MDB functions in psLibrary2.psm1 Details
SampleOverloadConstructor.ps1 0.9 Scripting Sample Demonstrates use of Class object, with definition Details
ChangeServicesPassword.ps1 1.0 Security Updates service account passwords including update of user accounts both local and in Active Directory. Details
LockoutReport.ps1 1.5 User Management Find locked out user accounts by looking at domain controllers. Details